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Ultrafast Laser Pulses Could Achieve Nanoscale 3D Printing
In recent years, 5000mw green laser 3D printing technology rapid warming on a global scale, where in the metal 3D printing becoming more common in industrial applications. At the same time, the domestic metal 3D printing technology has long been concerned about. Back in 1998, the surplus will be founder Cape is the first in the United States and Germany to introduce the most advanced 3D printing technology and equipment. 1999 Xiaolan Productivity Promotion Center was established, surplus Pu entrepreneurial team took the lead in, and successfully established the largest 3D printing, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, mold processing service platform.

"3D laser nanolithography, the polarization effect is mainly used to fine-tune the structure of the photosensitive resin forming process feature sizes." Scientists say in the paper.According to the scientists, he said that the key is how to change the direction of linear polarization time between the 3000mw laser pointer power and beam scanning / object provides a fixed conversion rate conditions. If implemented, it will bring precision nanoscale. As shown below, when the region has changed while retaining the same depth, the aspect ratio of the polymerization feature size modulation capability is enabled, but without beam forming technology or a phase mask.
In constant irradiance and laser direct writing direction (perpendicular, parallel, circular) polymerization characteristics change under conditions relevant to different polarization directions caused. Its voxel (Voxel) size and aspect polarization control adjustments at the nanoscale than through."In the green laser pointer process, the impact of the beam polarization direction on the conductive and dielectric target entity has been thoroughly studied." The researchers said in their paper. "Including the polarization of the laser-matter interaction with scalar parameters of influence, such as absorption and ionization coefficient and rate."
Laser Research Center at the University of scientists are studying how a more effective way 3D printing. However, the method of their study involved far beyond the current stacking type approach. By using ultrafast burning laser pointers pulses based on the nonlinear interaction of light with matter, they are trying to boost 3D printing technology.The scientists said their study will lead to greater future of 3D printing, even unmatched flexibility and versatility, and may be used for a wide range of new materials. In addition, the application will be telecommunications, electronics, lab on a chip-based devices, tissue engineering (Lab-on-chip) technology in the field of impact. But the researchers noted that although this technique in the laboratory were more feasible, but in reality, if the prototype device can be converted to run day and night of industrial assembly line, but it is extremely expensive.
Polarization effects, the impact on the resolution of the direct coupling of laser thermal gradient conditions polarization writes: In this study, the researchers based 3D modeling and experimental in-depth analysis revealed through.Scientists can use with 3D printing (or without) the photon polarization correction stack timber structure to display their findings.http://eyes123456.inube.com/blog/5017530/powerful-high-power-laser-pointer/



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 Laser Cutting Machine For Kitchen Utensils Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Laser Cutting Machine For Kitchen Utensils http://www.everyonetobuy.com/high-powerful-5000mw-green-laser-pointer-burning-cigarette.html Kitchen equipment industry contains kinds of products is much and miscellaneous, range hood, cooker, pots and pans, basically are dominated by stainless steel materials, and create high-quality kitchen equipment of the key lies in its manufacturing process. Kitchen of traditional processing equipment are dominated by CNC punch press, in with a polishing, cutting plate bending and other processes to molding, this way of processing low work efficiency, die consumption, high cost disadvantage has been plagued by kitchen equipment manufacturers. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/Strong-powerful-3000mw-green-laser-pointer-flashlight.html For kitchen equipment, generally 3mm thick stainless steel sheet metal plate mainly, sheet metal parts, product update fast. Therefore, diversification, high efficiency of 30000mw laser pointer cutting machine in the processing of kitchen equipment has a unique advantage. Laser cutting machine built-in CAD / CAM software, able to complete any shape of sheet metal cutting, the laser cutting, not only fast processing speed, high efficiency, low cost and do not need to die or tool change, short preparation cycle time. Laser beam transposition time is short, easy to complete continuous processing. The most important point is that green laser 3000mw cutting machine with high precision, and the cross section is smooth, no stress deformation, eliminating the need for secondary processing of kitchen of sheet metal process, and enhance the rate of finished products of the kitchen equipment, the real effective improves the product quality and the production cycle, save more cost for the enterprise, to ensure that the products in terms of price advantage. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/incredible-3000mw-520nm-beam-light-green-laser-pointer-pen.html Burning Cigarette Laser http://www.everyonetobuy.com/10000mw-blue-laser-pointer-light-cigarette-match.html High energy laser pointer 10000mw CF series 500W fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of equipment for metal sheet high speed cutting have been widely used in the chassis electrical cabinet, advertising words, doors and windows to create and file cabinets, etc. industry, in the kitchen industry also has a decent performance. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/super-strong-30000mw-blue-laser-pointer-shop.html Stable and Reliable Machine Tool Structure: Apheresis gantry structure is adopted, driven synchronous bilateral gear rack beams using high strength aluminum alloy, with the transverse compensation mechanism of the patent technology; has stable structure, good rigidity, high dynamic response characteristics. High Performance CNC System: Machine tool electrical system using imported CNC system and servo motor, integrated Lasermech special green laser pointers cutting operation system, with good reliability and stability. High Efficiency Switching Table: Equipped with the patented technology of high-speed, bilateral simultaneous drive of the exchange, the two working platform at the same time, the completion of an exchange only 7 seconds, greatly improve production efficiency. Higher Cutting Speed: With a higher cutting speed, especially for thin sheet materials. 1mm the highest cutting speed of the plate can be as high as 25m/min. CF series 500W optical fiber green laser 5000mw cutting machine core components of the European imports of fiber lasers, up to 100 thousand hours of service life and 2 years after sales, to ensure that the actual interests of customers. The machine adopts two motor drive mode, as well as the helical gear rack drive, in the high-speed cutting state, to ensure the best cutting accuracy, is the best choice for the processing equipment in the kitchen industry.

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 Powerful Laser Pointers Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Laser TV Into People's Lives http://www.everyonetobuy.com/2000mw-green-laser-pointer-flashlight-style-key-lock.html Laser pointer TV is currently the attention of a number of very high, can say collection currently projection industry's most cutting-edge technology: laser source, reflective ultra short focus lens and intelligent system, this is the new elements in the projector industry, laser TV easily achieve 100 inch super large screen, attractive for ordinary consumers is very high, but due to the configuration of the many avant-garde technology, so prices have been soaring, which makes many consumers can not accept. So some people ask, when the laser TV can fall to ten thousand dollars? The author, from the perspective of technology and market, believes that the arrival of this day will not let us wait too long. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/high-powerful-5000mw-green-laser-pointer-burning-cigarette.html Laser light source of the cost has been high, but with the projection industry for laser light source development speed to accelerate, 20000mw laser light source of cost reduction is also very fast, especially after laser + phosphors, the cost of laser light source is plummeting. Liquid crystal display (LCD) development history of the familiar friends all know, the original LED backlight LCD is also very expensive, but is blue LED with phosphor let the cost of the entire market will continue to decline, now 1000 yuan can buy a 27 inch products, which in the past is not dared to imagine. Blue laser + phosphor is also played a role in the program, the current program has become the mainstream of laser light source program. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/Strong-powerful-3000mw-green-laser-pointer-flashlight.html Currently on the market there have been a lot of laser TV appears, although 4K's products are still more than 50 thousand yuan, but the price of 1080P laser TV does have a lot of new dynamic. In May when the market the 16999 yuan single laser TV, and recently on the market appeared in the price 19999 yuan package of products, including curtains and burning laser pointers projector of the entire system. The emergence of these products, a full description of the laser TV edge costs has now reached 2 million yuan level, may the price is high, sales in the market as a whole does not appear large growth, but there is no doubt, such a price to stimulate the market, make laser high-end TV price system collapsed. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/10000mw-blue-laser-pointer-light-cigarette-match.html The present situation of laser TV development in the primary stage, overall price system is not clear, with more manufacturers to join, the awareness of the laser television will rising, laser TV will no longer be high-end positioning, to improve sales, first of all to reduce the price, once fell into a million yuan is 5000mw green laser TV sales rise. This is almost all brand manufacturers are trying to do things. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/high-powered-20000mw-blue-laser-pointer-pen.html Actually family display device, is still to LCD TV based, but the size of LCD TV arrived 60 inches after, has been basically no continue to rise space, the 100 inch LCD TV is not only expensive, the assembly is very not easy. So the 2000mw green laser TV is the effective supplement of large size, from the point of view of the LCD TV price system, 3000 yuan is the entry of products, high-end products is the level of 6000 yuan, and laser TV location in million yuan or so is the right place. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/super-strong-30000mw-blue-laser-pointer-shop.html From the technical point of view, the development of laser light source, low cost solution appear let laser TV of the decline in the cost of a lot of space, at present on the market has many brands in low impact; from the perspective of market positioning, laser TV million yuan price is appropriate, to supplement the 65 inches above the market price many consumers still accept. Therefore the laser TV prices fell inevitable is very fast, in fact, to know or green laser 3000mw TV last year the cheapest level of 5 million yuan, a few years is 20000 yuan, the author thinks that by this time next year, perhaps we will be surprised laser TV has ushered in the era of million yuan. http://bahrain.yakyaki.com/laser-manufacturing/ http://kamals21atl.ning.com/profiles/blogs/laser-manufacturing http://potholes.co.uk/stories/view/6370/Laser_Manufacturing

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 Full of Ingenuity Rio Medals Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Medals designs used in ancient Greek symbol of victory laurel leaves, Around the 2016 Rio Olympics logo. Bay leaves to show the link between natural forces and athletes. In accordance with the Olympic practice Medals side to Panathenaic Stadium and the Acropolis background, As well as a symbol of victory goddess Nepalese Ji (Nike) pattern. Design of sustainable development philosophy throughout, Weight 500 grams each chop Medals The production will be the most environmentally friendly Olympic medals Olympic medals, Mostly from recycled materials. With the previous difference is, This project will get medals laser engraving medal outer edge up. Ribbon half medals from recycled plastic bottles, Round boxed medals are made from recycled materials. Medals will be charged laser engraved wooden box inside, A lot of really high quality! Laser marking is widely used in gift packaging industry: 30000mw laser pointer marking machine as advanced processing equipment, processing speed, high efficiency, non-contact marking processing, metal products without any loss of material, and fine marking pattern beautiful, durable, in addition, laser marking machine marking is also very flexible manner, simply enter the text specified in the software or pattern, laser marking function within a few seconds immediately labeled carve the desired effect. As a result, the customer's individual requirements have also been met. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/super-strong-30000mw-blue-laser-pointer-shop.html

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 Hong Kong University of Science and Successfully Developed a Silicon Substrate Microlaser Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Hong Kong University of Science and Successfully Developed a Silicon Substrate Microlaser

China Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, August 22 (Reporter Zhang Yashi) - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 22, said university research team has successfully developed a miniature on a silicon laser, so that a new generation of micro-computer processor to run faster, and greatly reduced power consumption .

This innovative study by the United States found that HKUST Prof. Liu Ji, as well as University of California, Santa Barbara, Sandia National Laboratories in cooperation with the Harvard University research team to complete, is a major breakthrough in the semiconductor industry.

According to reports, the silicon substrate is the cornerstone of modern solar cells and integrated circuits and other electronic products, but because the silicon lattice and 30000mw laser pointer material does not match, the two could not have been the perfect combination. Until Liuji US team success on the silicon "grow" subwavelength cavity laser was able to achieve fundamental breakthroughs.

All along, the photon is used for long distance transmission of high-throughput data in the most economical and most energy-efficient solution. With the emergence of this new laser silicon substrate, the photon is also expected to be applied to short-distance data communications, will greatly enhance the data transfer speed.

For the production of this corridor echo mode burning laser, LIU Ji US silicon surface nano imprinting pattern, heterogeneous nature of the silicon lattice defects will grow, locking in a regular grid pattern aspect which, re-use quantum dot lasers by stimulated emission of radiation in single quantum dots among this particular performance, to further reduce the sensitivity of the active region of the material growth defect. Subsequently, the team used a laser pump, enhance energy levels of electrons, lasers achieve lasing.

This microlaser diameter of only one micron, more traditional laser shorten the length of 1,000 times, the area is reduced by about 100 times.

LATIN United States said that this corridor echo mode 20000mw laser pen can be widely used in optical communications, data processing and other areas of chemical sensing chip. The laser directly onto the micro-processor, micro-processor to improve performance and reduce energy consumption is vital, not only conducive to promoting the development of silicon-based photovoltaic technology, but also the new generation of green IT and the ideal computing solution.



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 Progress Where the Laser Forming Mechanics Research Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Progress Where the Laser Forming Mechanics Research http://www.everyonetobuy.com/high-powerful-5000mw-green-laser-pointer-burning-cigarette.html Laser bending forming and laser assisted pre stress forming two forming method is using laser 5000mw to pieces of sheet metal structure local heating, in the local area have a certain non uniform temperature field, thus further makes the sheet metal happened local plastic deformation, in order to achieve the target forming. In order to ensure the performance of the forming parts, the laser process parameters should be strictly limited. Therefore, it is very important to understand the relationship between laser processing parameters and the temperature change and distribution in the process. Recently, the Institute of mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the advanced manufacturing technology key laboratory for mechanics based on temperature distribution during the processing of laser action in a finite plate this physical model, this paper presents an analytical solution to for fast computation of certain process parameters (power density, beam radius, the moving speed of the laser temperature distribution. Relevant results published online in the "Application of mathematical simulation" http://www.everyonetobuy.com/high-powered-20000mw-blue-laser-pointer-pen.html For the temperature field model of 20000mw laser pen action on metal sheet (Fig. 1), the main research methods include analytical method, numerical method and artificial intelligence method. The numerical methods and artificial intelligence methods can simulate the complex working conditions more accurately, but it is usually more time consuming. A large number of training samples are needed to build the artificial intelligence method. Relative to the analytical method, the temperature field can be predicted quickly to a certain extent. The research work considers the boundary conditions of convection heat transfer, and the three-dimensional heat conduction equation is solved by solving the three-dimensional heat conduction equation directly. Firstly, the eigenvalue problem of the model is solved by the method of separation of variables, and a complete set of basis functions (the intrinsic function) is obtained. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/Strong-powerful-3000mw-green-laser-pointer-flashlight.html Then, the non homogeneous term and the temperature function of the equation are expanded into series form, and the coefficients are determined. Finally the series is substituted in the equation, the coefficients obtained by means of the integral transform, so as to obtain the temperature field of the analytical solution (Figure 2). In the actual solution, because of the existence of exponential terms, the series converges quickly, and the computation cost is small. In addition, the temperature distribution of the laser scanning path can be processed by using the Quasi Monte Carlo method with low difference sequence. Therefore, for any given laser 3000mw scanning path, the temperature of any point at any moment can be quickly obtained by the equation. Furthermore, the correctness of the solution is verified by experiment and finite element calculation. The verification experiment uses the aluminum alloy AA6061T6 plate element as the object, the YAG continuous wave laser system as the light source, and records the laser scanning process P1, P2, P3 point (Figure 1) the temperature process. The results show that the measurement results, the finite element model and the analytical solution are consistent in a certain range. http://www.everyonetobuy.com/green-10000mw-burning-laser-pointer-pen.html http://www.everyonetobuy.com/blue-minigun-laser-pointer-30000mw-burning-flashlight.html

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